What are murmurations?

Schumacher College is a unique place in south Devon, UK offering interactive and experiential learning focused on ecology and sustainability. Set in the beautiful surroundings of the historic Dartington Estate, we have developed deep relationships there and we feel it as one of our sources, our nest from which we have flown and are active in the world.

Together we comprise of 9000 Schumacher College alumni (students, teachers, volunteers, staff and facilitators) spread across more than 90 countries. Imagine the impact if we were more connected with one another. A flock of birds in an elegant murmuration, as a whole moving organism gaining skilfulness in co-creating a healthy, joyful and resilient living.

With your initiatives and participation, this website evolves as we co-create gatherings, workshops, courses, conferences, and events; making our relationships visible.

We welcome any of you around the world to join in this murmuration. We hope our invitation call echoes to your corner of the world and especially resonates in your heart.

What do we do?

This website is an open invitation initiated by Schumacher College alumni to host alumni gatherings, as well as to invite alumni to create their events around the world and facilitate other events open for anyone.

It is a complement of the Schumacher Network initiative, which is used to connect Schumacher College alumni around the world.


Want to join?

See our upcoming events.

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« You don’t have to subscribe to a political ideology, move to a commune, or join the guerrillas in the mountains; you wake up in a society suddenly transformed, and chances are good you will be part of that transformation in what you do, in whom you connect to, in how you feel. Something changes. »

Rebecca Solnit, A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster